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Pristine Heights

A Private Viewing of Luxury Residences

Freedom to Pursue Your Dreams

Nestled on the idyllic island of Roatan, Pristine Heights is the new crown jewel in the city of St. John’s Bay, offering residents a level of luxury that matches their ambitions. Created by award winning architects with a clean and sustainable design, you'll step into a beautiful vision of modern Caribbean living in these new residences.

Imagine landing at the airport on the idyllic island of Roatán. A car picks you up and within 15 minutes, you're at the front doors of your new residence, where the scents of lushly terraced fruit trees and flowers and the cool air from a thirty-foot gentle waterfall invite you to breathe in and relax your shoulders. The concierge greets you as you take the glass elevator up, admiring the ocean as it comes into full view. A few steps more and you’re standing at your private entryway. Welcome home.

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Pristine Heights is at the center of St. John’s Bay, a new private city powered by economic development company, Próspera.

This new city on the island of Roatan includes neighborhoods like Pristine Heights, plus Class A office spaces and vacation districts…all nestled among a lush Caribbean environment while offering extremely low tax rates.

From the foundations up, Pristine Heights is built with cutting edge sustainability. In addition to natural materials and reverse osmosis water filtration inside your home, the outside property features a terraced botanical park with indigenous plants, pesticide-free cultivation, and quiet irrigation. Imagine walking out to your private deck and smelling jasmine flowers, or snacking on freshly harvested passionfruit and pineapple.


Clean. Green. Pristine. Furnishings & Amenities

20 Minutes From The Airport. 85 Stunning Residences. 400+ Acres Of Resort Amenities At Your Doorstep. Starting At $400,000.

In addition to full access at Pristine Bay Resort, where residents can golf, swim, scuba dive, sunbathe, dine and play, Pristine Heights features its own library and private spaces to relax.

Your new home can be furnished on your own or select one of our beautiful, modern furniture packages to make it easy. All you need to pack is your bathing suit.

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